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Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an effective way to develop a leader's skills.  Whether in person or virtually, we walk alongside you on your leadership journey.  We create customizable and high adaptable learning plans to deal with your current challenges and help you develop skills for the future.  

Board Chair Coaching

​Let's help you chart the course for your future.  We provide regular one-on-one coaching with the board chair for a six-month or one-year term.  We help with:

  • Clarifying roles and responsibilities;

  • Unpacking legal obligations;

  • ED/ Board relations;

  • Managing board meetings;

  • Succession Planning

  • Fundraising

Executive Director Coaching

We provide regular one-on-one coaching with the executive director for a six-month or one-year term. We help clarify roles and responsibilities and provide support as you navigate through the sector.

Our team of coaches was once executive directors who are here to share their experiences and support you as you navigate the non-profit sector.

We walk alongside you to build your capacity to lead.

Get started on your learning journey.  Contact us for a free consultation.
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