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Daven Seebarran is a highly skilled senior leader, management consultant, and DEI specialist with over two decades of experience driving change and creating inclusive workplaces in Canada. With a deep understanding of organizational dynamics and a passion for fostering diversity and equality, Daven has become a trusted advisor to numerous companies and institutions seeking to build inclusive cultures and drive sustainable change.

Throughout his career, Daven has held senior leadership positions in both the public and private sectors. His expertise lies in designing and strategic planning, program implementation, budgeting, implementing comprehensive DEI frameworks, conducting organizational assessments, developing inclusive policies, and delivering engaging training programs.

As a corporate trainer, Daven has worked with some of Canada's leading institutions, where he shares his knowledge and expertise with leaders and teams. Through his dynamic and interactive training sessions, he empowers participants to develop a deeper understanding of DEI principles and equips them with the tools and strategies to foster inclusive workplaces.

In addition to his consulting and training work, Daven is also an accomplished entrepreneur. He has founded and led successful ventures in various sectors, leveraging his expertise in DEI and organizational change to drive business growth and foster inclusive practices. His entrepreneurial spirit and innovative approach have allowed him to identify new opportunities and create impactful solutions in the ever-evolving diversity and inclusion landscape.

Daven's contributions to the field of DEI extend beyond his professional endeavours. He actively participates in industry associations and serves on advisory boards, contributing his insights and expertise to shape best practices and promote inclusive policies at a broader level. Daven is known for his strategic thinking, analytical acumen, and ability to navigate complex organizational challenges, making him a sought-after thought leader.

With his extensive experience, entrepreneurial mindset, and passion for driving meaningful change, Daven Seebarran continues to be at the forefront of fostering inclusive workplaces and creating a more equitable society. His unwavering commitment to promoting diversity and inclusion and his strong leadership and consultancy skills have positioned him as a trusted advocate for change, empowering organizations and individuals alike to create a more inclusive and equitable future.

About Daven

Our Services

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Fundraising Consulting

We work with non-profits of all sizes and stages of development to develop customizable sustainability plans to meet their needs. We help in all aspects of your sustainability.  We offer a six-month or one-year engagement contract.  During this time we assist in the development of your plan and lead in execution.  Our Fundraising Consulting services include:

  • Sustainability Planning

  • Grant Research, Writing & Submission

  • Events Management


Strategy & Governance

It takes some combination of people, rules, processes, and procedures to manage a nonprofit's business.  Governance forms the basis for nonprofits to make sound decisions.  Good governance means that board members understand their roles, responsibilities, and accountabilities; committees work effectively; members are actively engaged; appropriate policies and procedures are in place; a continuous learning occurs.  We provide support in strategy development, succession planning, and policy development and review. 


Education & Training

We offer a variety of education and training opportunities throughout the year.  Our training modules include:

  • Non-Profit Fundamentals

  • The Fundraising Board

  • Inspiring Leadership Through Creative Play

  • Social Enterprise

  • Modern Leadership


Leadership Coaching

Coaching is an effective way to develop a leader's skills.  Whether in person or virtually, we walk alongside you on your leadership journey.  We create customizable and high adaptable learning plans to deal with your current challenges and help you develop skills for the future.  

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