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Grant Writing

Grant writing is a skill and talent not everyone possesses.  Often you are forced to pitch your ideas in less than 300 words.  As professional grant writers with over 20 years of experience in the non-profit sector and helping raise over $50 million for charities across Canada, we provide you with numerous grant writing services to help you compete for grant money from both private foundations and government bodies.   We assist in researching grant opportunities, writing highly competitive grant proposals, and stewarding relations with funders.


Prospect Researching

We have access to a variety of grant database. We will comb through these databases to identify grant opportunities that align with your mission and vision.  We will present his list as a grant calendar. 


The calendar will identify the prospective donor, provide contact information, disclose granting history, and describe the application procedure including guidelines and deadlines. 


The grant calendar will identify both foundation grants and federal and provincial grants.


Writing & Submission

Working closely with your team, we lead the grant writing proves.  We start by assessing previous grants and the application you want to submit.  We then conduct the necessary research to complete the grant (ie. Target populations, priority outcomes, community impacts). 


Working with your team, we lead the writing which is then submitted to your team for review and finalize the grant, making sure its information is accurate and current.  We then help with the submission process.  We encourage our clients to submit grants themselves but will provide onsite coaching during the process. We ensure your narrative is strong. And we ensure your entire application package meets the submission requires as outlined by the grantor.

Get your head start on your 2021 grant writing.  Contact us today!
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