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Sustainability Planning

We help in all aspects of your sustainability.  We offer a six-month or one-year engagement contract.  During this time we assist in the development of your plan and lead in execution.


  • Development of multi-year Development Plans

  • Annual Planning

  • Fundraising Implementation Coaching

  • Capital Campaign Management

  • Board Development and Engagement

  • Prospect Identification

  • Donor Cultivation & Stewardship

  • Development of Case for Support

  • Identifying government and foundation supporters

  • Corporate Giving Strategies

  • Social Enterprise Planning

  • Marketing & Strategic Communications

Our Services

Our Proven 6-Step Approach

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Internal Assessment

In this step, an extensive internal assessment of the existing knowledge, capacities, and strengths of the organization to embark on the process. In order to build a well-designed Fund Development Plan this step will inform how we will move forward. This will be done through phone conversations and face-to-face meetings with board members and other stakeholders.

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Implementation Planning

We ensure that the necessary processes and protocols are in place to develop proposals, engage with donors, and to ensure that your work is focused. We will develop an Operational Plan and Measurement Framework that will include both revenue and programmatic targets for each existing and new fundraising channel that will be selected.

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Landscape Analysis

We will conduct a fundraising audit of current financials, pre-existing donors and supporters, challenges and opportunities; governance and systems; prospects and fundraising culture; and the external environment. We will also conduct a fundraising reviewing looking at current fundraising channels, fundraising results, what’s working, and what’s not working.

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Finally, we will lead in implementing the plan, including grant writing, development of fundraising collateral, and management of fundraising campaigns.   We work with a team of designers, grant writers, storytellers, and event specialists to ensure that your plan is executed effectively.

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The Plan

We will develop a  Fund Development Plan which provides clear direction on the roles, responsibilities, outreach and marketing, and several channels to explore in relation to securing diverse and sustainable funding . The Plan will be validated with the staff and board in line with internal processes and is intended to provide a detailed and practical plan to manage all current and future revenue streams.

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Implementation Coaching

We provide private coaching sessions. In these sessions, we make suggestions and offer advice on how to execute your fundraising plan.  We also offer an in-depth, personalized training program to your board of directors, staff members, and volunteers.

I'm interested in learning more about sustaining my organization's future.  
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